Fun Horse Shows

Fun Horse Shows at White Rose Equestrian

Fun Horse ShowOur fun horse shows are exactly that, fun! They are friendly and low-key. With a variety of classes, they are perfect for kids and adults of all ages and abilities.

The fun horse show is designed to be a beginner-friendly event. Our motto for the day is to have fun, stay safe, and learn something.  The event is held at our beautiful facility in Iron Station and is open to riders and spectators.

We encourage our riders to join our White Rose Riding Club. Riders collect points throughout the show season. At the end of the horse show season, we have a party and hand out rewards, recognitions, and prizes.

We have a wide variety of classes and something for everyone. Classes include both English and Western riding, in-hand, mounted, and fun classes.

Fun Horse Show Dates

White Rose Equestrian Fun Show

March 18th
May 20th
September 16th
October 21st

We have classes for all types and levels of riders. You can download a copy of the schedule here. The showground is open at 7:30 am and the show starts at 9:00 am, prompt. It gets hectic on show days, so arrive early!

Equitation patterns

Beginner Equitation - Walk only
Novice Equitation - Walk, trot
Open Equitation - Walk, trot, canter

If you are interested in attending any of these shows or have any questions, please let us know at (704) 559-9122 or contact us here.

The Fun Shows are just that - FUN! They give my daughter the experience of being in a show and competing against others on her level. The judges are fair and the classes fun! It's a laid back day and a great experience. - T. Rominger, Parent

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Fun Shows

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