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I Bought Myself Some Horse Jewelry

Horse JewleryFor those who don't know me, the fact that I bought myself anything other than horse related necessities is rather significant. But, the mear fact that what I bought myself was jewelry is even more unbelievable. In my defense, it was horse jewelry. Here's what happened.

I was recently surfing the web looking for horse-related items as gifts at our end-of-season Riding Club party. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a website called Horsley. They have a wide selection of products ranging from jewelry to apparel, bags to belts, and much more.

As I was looking around their site I decided to treat myself and bought the sterling silver horseshoe necklace. I love it! The website is easy to navigate and the necklace arrived promptly in a cute, polka dot box.

I approached them and they agreed to provide gifts for the winners of each class at our Riding Club end of season party. How cool is that!!!

So, if you are looking for equestrian related gifts take a look at their website.