Ride-a-Test Dressage Clinic

Ride-a-Test Dressage Clinic

Ride-a-test dressage clinic
Improve your scores at the ride-a-test dressage clinic

Start the new year off with a ride-a-test dressage clinic. Learning your strengths and weaknesses and improving your horse and yourself will improve your scores.

Dressage is the foundation of all riding disciplines. It ensures a gradual training progression and creates a comfortable, flexible, attentive, and confident horse. Dressage benefits any horse's training, including improved muscle conditioning, soundness, flexibility, rideability, and behavior.

Dressage also helps riders improve balance, coordination, stamina, and their relationship with their horse.

A ride-a-test dressage clinic can help riders of all disciplines.

In conjunction with Ontopp Stables, White Rose Equestrian Center is proud to announce our next Ride-a-Test Dressage Clinic on February 18th, 2023. Our clinician is Daniela Leidy, a bronze medal dressage rider and USDF L Judge.

How a Ride-a-Test Dressage Clinic Works

  • Ride the test of your choice
  • Receive your scores
  • Take a 30-minute lesson with Daniela to work on the movements with low scores. Daniela will focus in on not only your riding but how the test is written and exactly what a dressage judge is looking for.
  • Ride the test again
Ride-a-Test Dressage Clinic

Daniela has extensive knowledge and experience riding and judging dressage. Her expertise and instruction can help you understand exactly what a dressage judge is looking for and how to maximize your riding potential.

The Ride-a-Test Dressage Clinic will be held at White Rose Equestrian Center on Saturday, February 18th, starting at 8:30 a.m. Complete the entry form by clicking on this link. The closing date is Monday, February 13th, at 5:00 pm. The price is $80 per horse/rider combination ($75 for Riding Club members). Spaces are limited, so book early.

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