Off-Site Showing Prices

Off-site Showing Prices

Off-site showing prices
Sadie and White Rose My Kinda Prada getting ready for cross-country

Attending shows is a great way to put into practice what you learn in your lessons. It is also fun to spend time with your horse and fellow equestrians.

Showing exposes your horse to life and experiences outside the barn. This prepares him for new environments and different sights and sounds. Ultimately, he becomes better behaved and not so easily spooked or distracted in new situations. Showing also helps you to learn new skills and gain more confidence.


 - $1.25 per mile split between paying riders

Horse Lease

 - included if you lease a horse. $65 per day if you do not lease a horse.


 - $120 per day for one rider
 - $65 each per day for two or more riders


 - approx $50 per night for full camper hook-up. Paid directly to the showground
 - approx $25 per night for tent camping on a reserved camper hook-up site. Paid to WRE
 - prices of local hotels vary and are the responsibility of the rider

Class Entries

 - these vary by show. WRE will provide a list prior to each show. These are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Extra Expenses

 - Riders are to split the cost of meals for the coach

This list of off-site showing prices tries to cover all expenses and situations, but unexpected costs may occur.

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