Learn To Horseback Ride

What To Expect When You Learn To Horseback Ride At White Rose Equestrian Center

Horseback riding should be fun and safe giving riders confidence in their horse and their own riding abilities.  We pride ourselves on our capacity to teach all levels from absolute beginners to experienced, regular riders.

Each rider has different strengths and weaknesses. We put together a plan that builds from one lesson to the next moving you along at a pace that you can feel comfortable with.

Whether you want to do dressage, hunt seat, jumpers, western, or trail riding, you need to develop a safe and secure seat. We follow time tested methods that help develop and strengthen the muscles needed to not only stay in balance with your horse but also allows you to use your aids independently giving you confidence and control over your mount.

This short video shows you what you can expect in your early lessons

This was only the second 30 minute lesson for Dakota. By the end she was trotting without holding on and beginning to work on posting.

For more information on our horseback riding lesson program visit our lesson page.

Carol is a superb trainer, and has a knack with young kids. She is strict and silly, and kind and firm, all wrapped up into the best riding instructor I could hope to find. My daughter has learned more in 6 months training with Carol than in the previous 18-months. - Vicki R., Parent

If you would like to book a lesson or have any questions please drop us a line or give us a call (704) 559-9122.

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