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Horseback Riding Lessons Near Charlotte, NC

riding on the lunge without stirrups develops a strong balanced seat
Working on an Independent, Balanced Seat

At White Rose Equestrian Center, we take your equestrian needs very seriously.  Our comprehensive lesson program is tailored to the individual needs of every rider.  We build on what you have already accomplished and work to establish a strong, confident, balanced seat. Watch a video here to see what to expect in your lesson.

Our lesson horses and ponies are safe, well-schooled, confidence givers ready to bring out the best in every rider.  You will be given the opportunity to ride a variety of different mounts, each will teach you something new.  We also encourage our riders to take part in our shows and equestrian programs.

Private Lessons

½ hour - $40

Semi-Private (2 riders of a similar level)

1 hour - $60 each

Group Lesson (3 or more advanced riders, max. 5 riders)

1 hour - $50 each

Stable Management Lessons

Stable Management Lessons are offered as an 8-week course and cover subjects ranging from horse care, different types of tack, horse anatomy, nutrition, and much more. They include hands-on learning and all notes and literature relating to the subjects covered. They are available in groups of four or more and cost $350 per person.

Lesson Program Small Print

  • All first-time riders are required to take a private 30-minuteHorse Riding Lesson Program White Rose Equestrian Center lesson to assess their riding level. Once their riding level has been established, they will be required to purchase a block of four lessons. At this time, they will also be required to pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $25.
  • All riders are required to take private lessons until they can walk, trot, and canter independently, after which they may join a group lesson if they so wish and space is available.
  • Lessons are booked in blocks of four and paid for in advance.
  • All four lessons must be taken within a six-week period, or the lessons are forfeited. (Unforeseen circumstances, such as severe illness, may be taken into consideration, on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the barn.)
  • To cancel or reschedule a lesson, you must give at least 24 hours notice, or you forfeit the lesson. No exceptions.
  • Payment may be made in cash, PayPal, Zelle, or by check.
  • Our lessons will go ahead in light rain and below-freezing temperatures. Lessons will only be canceled for torrential rain, severe winds, temperatures above 98°, and/or lightning. We will contact you as soon as possible, either by a phone call or text message, if we need to cancel/reschedule due to inclement weather.White Rose Equestrian Center Horse Riding Lesson Program
  • If the barn needs to cancel a lesson due to inclement weather, you will be offered a non-riding stable management lesson in replacement, or you may reschedule as long as the four lesson set is taken within a six-week period.
  • If the barn needs to re-schedule a lesson due to a horse show or other activity, you will be offered an alternate date within the six-week period.
  • In order to keep our horses fit and healthy, we have a weight limit of 200lbs.


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In the short amount of time I took lessons with Carol, I saw such an improvement in my riding. She was able to communicate concepts to me in a ways I have never before heard. This, in turn, allowed me to effectively communicate with the horse I was riding and get what I needed out of them. Quality instruction for sure! - I. Knarbi, IDA Rider

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