Horseback Riding Camps

Our Horseback Riding Camps Are Fun and Informative

Are your kids bored during the long summer months? They don't have to be. Sign them up for one of our horseback riding camps.

We run a fun, safe summer camp program emphasizing learning to ride, caring for and about horses, and having fun.

What your child will do:

horseback riding camps

  • learn how to handle a horse safely on the ground 
  • learn how to properly feed, groom, and tack up a horse 
  • care and safety of tack and equipment 
  • have fun with daily arts, crafts, and horse-related games 
  • enjoy at least 60 minutes of horseback riding daily in the form of either a lesson, trail rides, or mounted games

What Your Child Will Need:

horseback riding camps

  • a bagged lunch and lots of water 
  • to wear long pants and sturdy shoes with a small heel. They can bring shorts to change into when not riding 
  • to apply sunscreen and bring some with them 
  • we can provide riding helmets, but we encourage your child to bring their own to ensure a proper fit. Helmets can be purchased online here. Please tell them we sent you.

Camp Details:

horseback riding camps

  • camps run from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
  • cost - $435 per week, per child
  • a non-refundable deposit of $200 is due at the time of sign-up
  • full payment of $235 is due on the first day of camp
  • camp is suitable for beginner, novice, and intermediate riders seven years of age and up
Summer 2024 dates

  • June 17 - 21 FULL
  • July 15 - 19

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My daughter has been going to White Rose summer camps for four years. One year she went twice, she loves it so much. She is always excited to see Carol and the horses and comes home with great stories of what they all did. She can't wait for the camps again this year. ~ Scott R., Dad.

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The benefits of sending your child to summer camp

Sending your child to a summer camp can offer many benefits, contributing to their personal, social, and educational development. Here are some key advantages:

Social Skills Development:

    • Summer camps provide opportunities for children to interact with peers outside of their usual social circles.
    • Working and playing together in a new environment helps develop teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Independence and Self-Confidence:

    • Being away from home in a supportive environment encourages independence.
    • Overcoming challenges and making decisions independently helps build confidence in their abilities.

    • Our summer camps focus on outdoor activities, promoting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
    • Exposure to nature and outdoor adventures contributes to overall well-being.

Learning New Skills:

    • White Rose Equestrian summer camps often offer a variety of activities, allowing children to explore and develop new skills.
    • We include arts and crafts, instruction, horseback riding, and more. 

Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity:

    • Summer camps often bring together children from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment of cultural exchange and understanding.
    • Inclusivity is encouraged, promoting tolerance and acceptance.

Building Resilience:

    • Facing challenges and adapting to new environments helps children build resilience.
    • Overcoming obstacles at camp teaches them to cope with adversity and develop problem-solving skills.

Unplugging from Technology:

    • Our Summer Camps are a technology-free zone. This encourages your child to engage in face-to-face interactions and outdoor activities.
    • This break from technology promotes creativity and a healthier relationship with screens.

Lifetime Friendships:

    • The friendships formed at summer camp can be long-lasting and provide a support network for children.
    • Shared experiences create strong bonds that can extend beyond the camp environment.

Emotional Intelligence:

    • Interacting with peers and counselors in a close-knit community helps children develop emotional intelligence.
    • They learn to understand and manage their emotions and empathize with others.

Fun and Enjoyment:

    • Summer camps are designed to be enjoyable and fun, providing a break from routine and academic pressures.
    • Engaging in recreational activities contributes to a positive and memorable experience for children.

Life Skills:

    • Camps teach practical life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making.
    • These skills are transferable and beneficial to a child's life.

Sending a child to summer camp can be a valuable investment in their personal growth, fostering a range of skills and experiences that contribute to their overall development.

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