Horse Show Championship Points

Horse Show Championship Points

White Rose Equestrian Fun ShowOur first Fun Show was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came out to compete and have fun. I was so impressed with everyone's commitment, hard work, and attitude. Thank you, Madison Hood-Bowker for your fair and detailed judging and for your advice to the riders. Thank you, Shannon Collett, for the great pictures (and the ones I 'borrowed' from peoples' pages}. We really do have a great group of riders, parents, friends, family, helpers, and visitors. Looking forward to the next one on June 24th.

All the competitors practiced for months leading up to the show and their hard work paid off.

The championship points, so far, are as follows.

Riley Hughes / White Rose Sweet Sierra  57  1
 Libby Schott / White Rose Desert Wind  49  2
 Maddie Rominger / White Rose Moonfire  48  3
 Carlee Goff / White Rose Sweet Sierra  40  4
 Alida Leidy / Maddie  34.5  5
 Mekah Leidy /Oragon  19.5  6

horse show championship pointsIt's great to win a ribbon/rosette, a blue one especially, but the emphasis of our shows are on working hard, improving, and most of all - HAVING FUN!!! We look forward to working with our riders and welcoming riders from other barns to our shows in the future.

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