Halloween Extravaganza 2021

First Annual Halloween Extravaganza

Halloween ExtravaganerOur Halloween Extravaganza was a great success, and I'm sure the kids will be talking about it for a long time to come. Lots of work went into two days of preparation, but it was so worth it.

The evening started with a scavenger hunt. Twelve rhyming clues sent kids scattering hither and thither around the property. Screeches of delight rang out as hidden leads were found, and the frenzy continued. The final clue led the explorers to the grain bin in the feed room and a large tub full of candy.

Tré, Sadie's dad, had made a delicious Brunswick Stew. The revelers brought accompanying dishes to add to the sumptuous feast. Music, a fire pit, and libations added to the fun.

A cloak of darkness descended and the thought of a walk through the spooky trails spread apprehension around like shards of electricity. Stories of spirits roaming through the darkened woods added to the anticipation. The final swan-song of light dipped below the horizon as we ventured down the lane next to the ravine. Pipper and Opie darted back and forth through the crumpled, dry leaves causing sharp yells and giggles from the girls in the lead.

Onto the trails, if you dare

Faint lights in the distance coaxed us into Skeleton Alley. Bravely we rounded the corner, and just missed being abducted by aliens. Gingerly we made our way into the eerie valley past Scream and headless dark, menacing figures.

In the valley, we heard something. Quiet moaning and cackling noises oozed from faraway trees. I hushed our intrepid adventurers. And, in an instant, there it was; hovering in mid-air the horrifying, menacing face of a CLOWN! We screamed! Lena and Sadie fell to the ground at my feet. We were frozen with fear.

Gradually it became apparent that our tormentor was José. Faint laughter permeated the dark night air. Relieved that we weren't going to be dragged off into a ditch and eaten we made our way up the hill to an awaiting tractor and trailer for a hayride back to the barn. Pipper and Opie accompanied us on the trailer.

Back at the billet, the adults hid in the stalls while the kids came a-knocking to trick-or-treat. The evening continued around the fire exchanging stories and enjoying the company of our amazing barn family.

We are already planning an extended version of the trails for next year. Do you dare walk through our spooky forest?

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