Riding Club Points after the May 2018 Show

Riding Club PointsOur May show was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and brave the extremely hot weather. As always our riders worked hard, competed well, and supported each other.

Once again we had Divine Horse Mobile Tack store here with a large selection of equipment and apparel. We were also lucky to have delicious food at a concession stand provided by the grandma of one of our riders.

Riding Club Points for this Show are as Follows:

 Sophia Eaton / White Rose Rubydoo 63 1
 Abbygale Hamilton / Escapade Fancy Pants 57 2
 Riley Hughes / White Rose Sweet Sierra 33 3
 Kayleigh Beckemeyer / White Rose Moonfire 26.5 4
 Michayla Belus / White Rose Sweet Sierra 26 5
 Maddie Rominger / White Rose Moonfire 19 6

Riding Club PointsAbbygale and Escapade Fancy Pants are still in the lead but Sophia and White Rose Rubydoo are slowly catching up. Don't forget that at the end of the show season we have a party and recognize all our riders.

Riding Club Points for the show season so far are as follows:

 Abbygale Hamilton / Escapade Fancy Pants 154.5 1
 Sophia Eaton / White Rose Rubydoo 99 2
 Riley Hughes / White Rose Sweet Sierra 84.5 3
 Michayla Belus / White Rose Sweet Sierra 67 4
 Maddie Rominger / White Rose Moonfire 52.5 5
 Isabel Mejia / White Rose Rubydoo 46 6

We are always welcoming new riders. Our next Fun Show is June 9th.

Come out and show with us!

Riding Club Positions after our Fifth Show

fun showOn Saturday, October 28th, we had our fifth and final Fun Show of the season. We had a great turnout and we are very grateful to everyone who has supported our show series this year.

I normally post a list of points scored and who won the points for the show. I will not be doing that this time as I would like the overall points for the year to be a surprise at the end-of-season party (date, location, and time to be confirmed). I will say that Deana had the most points of the day and will be a big contender in next year's show season.

fun show costume classI would also like to say what a fantastic job everyone did in the costume class. We had an outstanding turnout and the costumes were well thought out and some, very unique.

We have a fantastic barn family here at White Rose Equestrian. The parents, family, and friends of our riders are always willing to help out on show days and we very much appreciate that.

Thank you for your support throughout the season. We look forward to a fun party and an amazing 2018 show season.