Horseback Riding Lessons

What Does Taking Horseback Riding Lessons Teach Your Child?

horseback ridingIf you've read the title of this blog you might be thinking that the answer is taking horseback riding lessons teaches my child how to ride a horse. And, of course, you would be correct. But, it does so much more too.

Maybe your child is obsessed with horses and talks about them all the time. Or perhaps you used to ride as a child and think your child would enjoy the experience also. It could be, that your child has been riding for a while. As they make progress they will also be learning some very important life skills.

There are some obvious benefits of doing any sport. Improved motor skills, balance, coordination, increased muscle tone and improved fitness in general.

Horseback riding also means your child gets to spend time outdoors in all seasons. This is more important today than ever. More and more kids are obsessed with video games, TV, and smartphones. Our barn is a non-electronic zone. Other than taking photos and videos and occasionally playing music I do not allow our riders to play on their phones. To be fair, there are so many other things to keep them busy it is very rare any of them even want to.

Handling and controlling a thousand-pound animal is not to be taken lightly. We strive to educate our riders in the correct technique. I can not count how many times I have encountered a new rider who is nervous about being around the horse to find in a few short months they are capable and enjoy catching, leading, grooming, and tacking up their horse.

horseback ridingIn our summer camps, we also teach our campers the daily routine of a barn. The correct way to feed and care for a horse, and our cats, dog, and chickens too. This includes mucking stalls, the importance of cleaning feed and water buckets, daily feeding of feed and hay, grooming, tack care, and so much more. Looking after another living being fosters empathy and compassion.

Occasionally, even the most seasoned, lesson horse can have a bad day. Riders learn patience and perseverance. Nothing is gained if you push a horse past its limit or lose your temper if things aren't going the way you want. There are no shortcuts. It is important to do it right in a methodical manner. Riding a living being with a mind of its own is a great way to learn this.

I get as much pleasure out of seeing my riders succeed as I do from my own success. Mastering a new skill improves confidence. I love to see a smile on a rider's face when they realize that hard work pays off.

The last point might be a bit controversial. I tell my riders to put on their bossy britches. I explain how horses live naturally in a herd. The social structure and pecking order. Some riders struggle with the concept that they must be at the top of that pecking order. Being in charge does not mean you should be mean. But you shouldn't allow the horse to think he is in charge either. As in life, it is important to know when it is necessary and how to stand up for yourself.

What else do you feel horseback riding lesson teach?

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