2018 Fun Show Championship Points

2018 Fun Show Championship Points

champtionship points2018 seems so far away now and so much has happened since then. We should have had an end of season party and awards ceremony but sadly due to a very sad personal issue in my life, that didn't happen. I am enormously grateful for all our kind, patient, understanding riders and parents. Not one single person complained. Thank you so much.

So, even though we won't be having an award ceremony it is only fair to acknowledge the overall winners of the 2018 show season. Congratulation to everyone.

Riding Club Championship Points for the 2018 show:

 Sophia Eaton / White Rose Rubydoo 221 1
 Abbygale Hamilton / Escapade Fancy Pants 192 2
 Riley Hughes / White Rose Sweet Sierra 149.5 3
 Michayla Belus / White Rose Sweet Sierra 131.5 4
 Kayleigh Beckemeyer / White Rose Moonfire 96.5 5
 Maddie Rominger / White Moonfire 78 6

Anyone who paid a riding club membership fee in 2018 does not need to pay again for the 2020 show season.

We are looking forward to a fun and exciting show season this year and always welcome new riders. Our upcoming shows can be found here.

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